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Welcome to the place where individual birders can graphically display their South Carolina county bird lists. The color-coded maps show how many species various birders have found in the 46 counties of the Palmetto State, while the charts give other statistical information that many will find interesting. Check the maps of birding friends, update your own totals, and watch the progress of new participants as they join the fun.
"As in any other sport, "scores" seem exciting chiefly to those who play the game. If...I seem to be placing too much emphasis on sheer collecting, it is because I have an academic interest in these games men play with birds and believe the phenomenon should be recorded."

Roger Tory Peterson, Birds Over America, 1948 (New York: Dodd, Mead & Company) page 17.
A lively curiosity has spread among all classes of thinking people as to the names of the birds they see, what they feed on, and something of their coming and going, with the result that the demand for bird books has become very great.

T. Gilbert Pearson, editor in chief, Birds of America, 1917 (New York: Garden City Books, 1936) ix.